Sam Cass

Sam Cass is theatrical producer, writer, improviser, and a classically trained SAG/AEA actor rooted in organic specificity and spontaneity.




Sam Cass is side-splittingly funny as an utterly effervescent Simon, an aspiring artist bursting with a passion” 

Alisa Hayashida (The South Pasadenan)


“The jaunty tone is set by a splendid Sam Cass in uniform commanding the audience upstairs from the theater’s lobby…” (H*tler’s Tasters)

Amanda Callas/Discover Hollywood Magazine


“Of note is Cass, whose ability to remain in-the-moment while responding with such organic specificity makes his performance particularly engaging.”

(The Elder Son) -Kris Vire, Timeout


“The pearl in the coral reefs of the play is the actor Sam Cass, charming, charismatic and alive…he vividly embodied on the stage the hero Vladimir Busygin, a student, simple Russian with a non-hardened soul.” (The Elder Son)

- Sergey Bolslov, Russian Town Chicago


“The cast is superb, led by a riveting Sam Cass as the brooding and tortured Konstantin. His scenes with an ethereal Cordelia Dewdney as the delicate Nina are breathtakingly beautiful and painful.”

(The Seagull) – The South Pasadenan.


“Director Sam Cass uses a delicate touch, never pushing the sad moments, but rather allowing them to wash over the audience, much in the way those moments do in life – when you find yourself laughing and then suddenly ask “why am I crying?”

The South Pasadenan



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